Johan Speaking Academy (Sunway Velocity)

    Many adults have public speaking fear because they never overcame that fear as a child. Learning how to speak in front of others is a skill that can be developed. If you introduce public speaking at an early age, your child will have the benefit of extensive practice, training and learning. Learning effective communication skills helps young people navigate the world and develop a strong foundation for their future. Some benefits children get from public speaking are:
    Self confidence and self image improvement.
    Better ability to listen.
    Enhanced skill to help and motivate others.
    Ability to persuade people to reach and attain goals.
    Improved memory, writing and reading skills
    Improved interpersonal and socialization skills.
    Ability to negotiate and communicate
    Public speaking instills confidence and helps people to become better communicators, and generally more successful in all aspects of life. When there is a chance for your child to practice public speaking, take advantage of it because it will be extremely beneficial for them as an adult.